How far would you be prepared to go for a wedding or event?

Distance is not an object, our vans are capable of driving anywhere at any time.

Where is the best place for an ice cream van to come and what time at a wedding?

There are 2 ways of having ice cream vans at your wedding some people even opt for both, these are to turn up to the church, as you know when photographs are being taken this can go on for 1 ½ hours some bride and grooms like their guests to have some refreshments whilst waiting around, the other option is to have us come to the reception.

Both these options are becoming ever more popular.

How will we know before you arrive that your ice cream is nice?

We have been trading for more than 50 years, we only use the very best mix for our machines that money can buy.
We have been using Valente for the last 25 years. We are constantly being bombarded by other suppliers to use their mix, as we run 18 outlets, we go through quite a lot of this and could save ourselves quite a lot of money by using a cheaper product, but quality is everything to us and we will not compromise on quality.

Do the guests at my wedding have to pay for their Ice Creams?

This is entirely up to you, although in most cases we provide the Ice Creams for FREE once we have been booked for a wedding, party or other similar occasion.

View the full information on our Wedding and Party packages.

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