Ice Cream Expo 2014 Winner – Mobiler of the Year

Ice Cream Expo 2014 Winner – Mobiler of the Year

 Ice Cream Alliance - mobiler of the year 2014Every year the Ice Cream Alliance, which is the trade body in the ice cream industry holds various competitions: Best sorbet, various best flavours and the prestigious “Mobiler of the year” competition.  All competitions are open to all UK and Ireland’s ice cream men and women.

The Ice Cream Alliance decide on a final 3 and invite them to attend the Trade Show in Harrogate, where the 3 finalists have to be interviewed in front of 5 judges. We were asked to attend the final, which was a great honour in itself.  We never expected to win and felt it was a great achievement just to reach the final. We were first to be interviewed and had to wait a further 2 ½ hours to hear the results, and were more shocked than anybody when myself along with my company Piccadilly Whip were announced as overall winners.

Mobiler of the Year 2014

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing with people congratulating us and enquiries to our business as it is a marvellous accolade to have on your resume .  It’s nice to be recognised for all the hard work, time and investment, we have put in over the years.  Now we will try to uphold these standards and even take them further.


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