Our family’s history of shows dates back to the 60’s:

  • Isle of Wight Pop Festivals 60’s twice
  • Rolling Stones – Hyde Park 60’s
  • Knebworth 70’s
  • Wembley 70’s
  • Glastonbury 80’s – to date
  • Biggin Hill Air Show 80’s & 90’s
  • Spice Girls 80’s
  • Party in the Park – Hyde Park 90’s
  • Reading Rock Festival 90’s – to date
  • V Festivals 90’s – to date
  • T in the Park – Scotland 90’s – to date

Piccadilly Whip have attended almost every festival/event in the country from T in the park in Scotland to Wake Stock in West Wales to Plymouth Air Show, so as you can see from these locations destination is not an object.  We can cover from Glastonbury 200,000 people down to 200 people.

Our vans and company have been awarded National Catering Association’s Ice Cream Caterer of the Year and we are currently finalists for the Ice Cream Alliance’s Ice Cream Mobiler of the Year, which we are hoping to win.

We have some of the busiest licensed pitches in London’s West End, also at the Tower of London.  London has just been announced as one of the most visited placed on earth.  We cope with serving all these people on a daily basis, which means you do not have to worry at your event of people queuing up and blocking your festival/event as we are used to serving large numbers on a daily basis and not fazed by large groups of people all wanting to be served at once.

We have a fleet of 17 units that serve ice cream and can cope with any show in the UK.  Our staff are made up of mostly family and friends and have worked with us year on year out.  Our staff are honest, polite and courteous, which is one of the reasons why we have these licenses in London.  They take time with tourists to give them directions and be generally genuinely helpful, our prices are competitive and we feel we offer value for money.  We feel we will enhance your event/festival with our equipment and staff.  Our vans never move whilst at a show.  Our staff are always uniformed, certificated and fully insured for £10M.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than willing to help you with advice, even if we do not get the job.  If you would like to speak to anyone that we have worked with before i.e. references, please contact us and we will furnish you with these contacts.